You just started the daunting task of looking for wedding vendors for your special day, where do you begin?

Google, Social Media, asking a friend/family member who they used for their wedding?

All great options but no matter where you find them and/or who refers them to you, you must ALWAYS

do your due diligence!

So what are the things you should be looking for? No matter what type of vendor, first thing you look at is their website

If they do not have a professional website, I would keep looking

What about all those Facebook Wedding Groups? Same thing, the second you post an ISO post, you will be inundated with so many people/vendors making suggestions and/or posting their business link

If you click on their FB business page, make sure you look for their website as ANYONE can have a business page on Social Media

Unfortunately Facebook Groups are where the scammers go to hunt, so be very careful! That old saying “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is” so when you find a vendor with bargin basement pricing, be very cautious. That’s why I say if they do not have a professional website, move on

If they do not invest in themselves, then why should you

You also want to look for past client reviews. No reviews, move on

In this day & age all reputable businesses will have reviews so be sure to do a Google search

Next, ask if they are insured? That’s another BIGGIE! All professional vendors will have business insurance

Most venues will be asking for your vendors to show proof of insurance & if they can not provide it, the venue will not allow them in the building. Not something you want to discover on the day of your wedding when your decorator (who’s prices were so amazing) calls you to tell you that they cannot set up your wedding decor

Do they have any certifications? Again, goes back to my comment if they do not invest in themselves, then why should you?

Professional vendors will have taken certification courses in their field & continue to educate themselves

Another great place to search for wedding vendors ~ online directories such as WeddingWire, EventSource, The Knot, etc..

This is where you will more than likely find client reviews on the vendors you are interested in

Once you are satisfied that the vendors you are interested in are indeed professional, then feel free to set up an in-person meeting with them. Choose 2-3 vendors per category then choose the one who you feel is the best fit for you & your wedding

Remember, good, professional vendors are not cheap but when they have professional websites, insurance, online marketing, certifications, great reviews & beautiful Social Media pages, you know you are getting your monies worth

Happy Planning!