One of the biggest questions we get is “how much do flowers cost” What is the average cost of a bridal bouquet or a guest table centerpiece?

It’s hard to answer those questions without knowing exactly what you are looking for

What are your preferred blooms,size, style, season & how many of each do you need?

Of course the answers to the above questions will determine what your wedding flowers will cost you

So how much of your overall budget should be allotted for your wedding flowers?

Typically Wedding Flowers should be 7%-10% of your overall budget (i.e: $30K budget = $2100-$3000 for flowers)

“Ok, great! But how do you spend that on flowers? What kind of pricing should I expect per item?”

Pricing will vary with every florist but here is an idea of what to expect:

Brides Bouquet: $175-$350

Bridesmaid bouquets: $60-$150/each

Boutonnieres: $12-$20

Corsages: $25-$50

Ceremony & Reception: $25-$1000+

I tell all my clients that they should prioritize their flowers & break them down into categories

*Personal (bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, flower girl/ ring bearer)

*Ceremony (pew markers, arch/ arbor/ altar, signing table, aisle, etc.)

*Reception (head table, guest tables, gift/ receiving table, escort table/ seating chart, sweets table, memorial table, etc.)

I suggest that they splurg on what is most important to them. Brides bouquet usually always tops the list

Then I recommend they consider where most of the photos will take place, such as: ceremony

Spend more money on the arch/ altar as that is where your photographer will take a lot of photos

Then I recommend re-using the flowers from the ceremony & bring them into the reception

i.e: floral arch can be re-used to flank the couple at the head table (another place where a lot of photos will take place)

Reception: Head table, as mentioned above, that is where your photographer will take several photos

Bouquets can be re-used on the head table but think about beautiful floral garlands and/or large arrangements on pedestals or on candelabras flanking you

Depending on your vision & budget, guest table centerpieces do not have to be crazy expensive

They can be simple. Lots of candles will give you a beautiful & romantic feel BUT if you want to go big, who am I to tell you not to…lol

No matter your budget or style, a good florist will be able to give you suggestions on how to achieve your vision within your set budget

Happy Planning!